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Celtic Dragon Contracting LLC

Laboratory Start-up, Compressed gas/Cryogenic Liquid Training, Quality/Compliance Documentation

J Squared Extractions

At J Squared Extractions we believe in simplicity and purity, and simple. Our Asheville Standard full spectrum, whole plant extracts provide you with the maximum...

Mitten Made Candle Co.

Hand poured soy candles made with natural hemp wicks.

Tara Masson Insurance Agent

Business Insurance Agent for many business types including Cannabis Industry. Can provide General Liability, Product Liability, Property, Automobile, Workers Compensation and many others.

Total Armored Car

Armored Car, Cash In Transit, Cannabis Cash, ATM, Smart Safe, Security, Cash Processing, Coin Processing, Networking, Consulting, Family Owned and Operated since 1974, Detroit, Flint,...

Signature Branding Co.

As a supplier of Custom Merchandise, Apparel, and Signage / Displays, Signature Branding Co. caters to various industries and can offer just about anything customized...

Access Inc

Access Inc. provides HVAC equipment nationally and internationally for indoor agriculture. Our equipment is designed specifically to handle the varying loads that occur within the...

Jolly Green Tech

Jolly Green Tech provides technology solutions to state-regulated cannabis growers, processors, and retailers. We support the technologies and services you need in order to setup...